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Caplansky's Deli Mustard Salt

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Limited Edition. This micro batch Vancouver Island Sea Salt is infused with the East Coast classic Caplansky’s Ballpark Mustard, a thick, creamy, zingy, stone-ground mustard. Fantastic on roast chicken, pork chops, steaks, pretzels, deviled eggs, baked potatoes, leafy greens, popcorn, roasted nuts, salad dressings, & so much more!

Looking for a fun recipe to try at home!? Check out this fantastic yeast based Soft Pretzel Recipe from Chef Ashley at Saltine Baking Co in Regina, SK! 


Caplansky's Deli Mustard Salt
Caplansky's Deli Mustard Salt Sale price$12.95 CAD


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I never knew “mustard salt” was a thing before now, but I have to say I’m a big fan already! This jar might be small, but you only need a little bit of this salt to really punch up a delicious meal, especially chicken or ham.

THE WESTLEY'S - Amazon Customer

This mustard salt has its uses, but is very subtle. Adding enough of this to your typical dish will result in way more salt than you want, before you taste the hint of mustard. Where this product really shines is as a finishing salt for otherwise simply flavoured items. My personal favourite is a pinch with a crack of pepper on tomato slices or cucumbers.

SARAH - Amazon Customer

I love mustard in every form and on any protein. Not only is it healthier than most condiments, its distinguishable flavour and taste really adds a kick to any meat, and this salt does it extremely well.

As this salt is a chunky/flaky, it is best used as a topper and finishing salt, so a little goes a long way for flavour and texture. So far, I've had this on protein, as I find it works the best for it. Not only visibly but also the flavour on slightly salted protein.

Amazon Customer