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Core Sea Salt

The sea salt products every next-level kitchen needs! These essential salts will cover your preparation, cooking and baking in the kitchen to finishing your dishes at the table, bringing out the natural flavours of your ingredients and enhancing the deliciousness of your dishes.

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Flake Sea Salt - Chef’s Bucket (1 kg)Flake Sea Salt - Chef’s Bucket (1 kg)
Fine Sea Salt (300g bag)Fine Sea Salt (300g bag)
Fine Sea Salt (300g bag) Sale price$8.95 CAD
Flake Sea Salt (250g)Flake Sea Salt (250g)
Flake Sea Salt (250g) Sale price$10.95 CAD
Flake Sea Salt (75g Jar)Flake Sea Salt (75g Jar)
Flake Sea Salt (75g Jar) Sale price$8.95 CAD
Flake Sea Salt Travel Tin (10g)Flake Sea Salt Travel Tin (10g)