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Nigari (236 ml Bottle)

Sale price$15.95 CAD

It has long been known that liquid nigari makes the best tofu, with a refined texture and naturally sweeter flavour compared to flakes, gypsum or other alternatives. Our liquid nigari is an all-natural product created through our sea salt harvesting process. This mineral rich brine consists of mainly of magnesium chloride as well as other trace minerals that give this concentration its strong bitter taste ('nigari' comes from the Japanese word for bitter).

Lesser known is that nigari can also be used to make delicious ricotta, paneer and other fresh cheeses. A small drop can improve the flavour and texture of your home ferments including sauerkraut, kimchi and even sourdough bread. Using nigari is a good way to add the essential mineral magnesium, known as the 'spark of life', to your diet.

Enough to coagulate approximately 100L of soy milk (depending on recipe), our nigari is drawn from pristine shores, micro-filtered and boiled at high temperatures to ensure the highest purity before being hand bottled.



Our recipes for nigari tofu, ricotta, and a run down on how nigari works in fermentation can be found in our Salted Blog. Another recipe that has produced great results for customers is 'Killer Tofu' by Andrea Nguyen.

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Nigari (236 ml Bottle)
Nigari (236 ml Bottle) Sale price$15.95 CAD


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I have used this in a ratio of 1 tsp per cup of dried soy beans and it works very well as a tofu coagulant: making very nice firm pressed tofu with an excellent taste. The liquid is much easier to use than the flakes. Very pleased with this product.

N. BARTLETT - Amazon Customer

I have used this to make lentil and fa a bean tofu. No complaints. It gave me sweet sweet curds.

CHELSEA RUTLEDGE - Amazon Customer

This stuff works good, as a first time tofu maker, I was happy to have it to ensure my tofu turned out ok. I am not sure about the ingredients or if it could be made/found cheaper, but happy to support a local company and it also has cool packaging.

Amazon Customer