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Flake Sea Salt (250g)

Sale price$10.95 CAD

Our Flakes – The Perfect Finishing Salt

Beautiful, delicate salt crystals with a balanced saltiness that make for a great all-around gourmet finishing salt for both savoury and sweet dishes.

The all natural pyramid flake crystals we craft require a lot of love and care (and a lot of boring science stuff we won't go into). We make them because it's worth it. Owing to their crystalline structure, these hollow pyramid sea salt flakes last longer on the surface of food (compared to a fine / table salt). This makes them the perfect 'finishing salt'. Their large surface area brings a burst of salinity in concentrated areas, resulting in a heterogenous eating experience. Sprinkled on a plate just before serving they bring texture (a salty crunch), a boost of flavour, and beautiful presentation to all of your dishes.

Just pinch and crumble on grilled meats, vegetables, seafood, salads, desserts and more to deliver a flavour boosting burst of brine while adding a beautiful look to your dishes.

Flake Sea Salt (250g)
Flake Sea Salt (250g) Sale price$10.95 CAD


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We love local, and especially something as unique as Vancouver Island Sea Salt. It enhances the finished product of our chocolates beautifully and the taste, amazing. Always a pleasure working with you.

DIRKE BOTSFORD - Owner/Chocolatier Urge Chocolates, Vancouver, BC

Finishing Salt is an integral part of any dish; it adds that final touch that makes a dish pop. Vancouver Island Fleur de Sel is a fantastically smooth salt with a nice clean finish. At the restaurant we are big supporters of local and sustainable, so it only made sense that we found a Canadian Sea Salt. Luckily, the crew at Vancouver Island Sea Salt reached out and we have been using the product ever since.

CHEF JAMIE HARLING - Executive Chef Deanne House, Calgary, AB

I did a taste test with my team comparing a well-known brand used in most professional kitchens with your Flake Sea Salt, and your salt came out supreme. It is more subtle without being too salty. One can truly appreciate and savour its flavour without being too overpowering; more crunch and textures without the saltiness. We exclusively only use your salt to season our food now.