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Driftwood Brewery

"The brine produced by our friends at Vancouver Island Salt Co is the perfect addition to our Cry me a River Gose. We love the depth it gives to the salty edge of that beer."


The London Chef

"I dip my fingers in Vancouver Island Salt more than any other substance in the kitchen. Ok, maybe water. Vancouver Island Salt in every dish. Fact!"

James Coleridge

Gelato by James

"As a 14 time Gelato Champion and Industry winner, ingredients play a critical symphony in my flavour dance, so I only use the best. And the best in my world is Vancouver Island flake Sea Salt in my gelato and desserts when I want that extra flavour dance to compliment the gelati."



"We source our ingredients locally and use nothing but 100% Ocean Wise approved sustainable BC seafood in our restaurant. Our sushi comes with genuine wasabi harvested in Vancouver Island, along with BC beers, wines, and sake. It was such a great addition to have Vancouver Island Salt in our list of ingredients as the quality is amazing, nutritious, and yummy. Their salt adds such a great final touch to the dish and I love using the salt which is from the same ocean our seafood comes from."


Fife Bakery

"I chose Vancouver Island Sea Salt for Fife because the soul of our product is only three ingredients: flour, water, salt. When it breaks down to as simple as that, every little bit matters. Not only is the salt big in flavour and complexity, bringing out the flavours of the grain and fermentation process; it’s made locally by passionate, and kind individuals. We couldn’t be happier with VanisleSalt."

Field House Brewing Co,

"We chose Vancouver Island Sea Salt for our Sour Wheat Gose as they are an authentic local business with a humble story and a superior product. Their salt is harvested by hand and made with lots of love. We appreciate their passion for the craft. #saltlove "


Alta Bistro

"As a chef one must appreciate the fundamental ingredients. These can be taken for granted. Something as fundamental and important as salt is used in almost every recipe and because of this we choose to champion the best of its kind. In order to cook with intent or simplicity or precision, one must be proud of the finer details and start with the finest ingredients that are available to you at the time. We notice the effort and #saltlove that is forged into Vancouver Island Salt. For us, there is no other option than to use the salt from our homeland as we believe it’s our responsibility to the earth. Thankfully, the salt speaks for itself and is utterly delicious and well crafted."


Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub

"We love Vancouver Island Sea Salt! What better way to enhance and celebrate the flavour of fresh island grown vegetables, fish and meat than with a salt the comes from the ocean that surrounds us. What is created is a true taste of Vancouver Island, where ocean meets the land! The amazing quality of their salt reflects the passion and perseverance that Andrew and his team have shown from the very beginning. It has always been a pleasure and an honour to work with such a dynamic local company."


The Butternut Tree

"As a restaurant that is focused on developing Canadian cuisine, salt is the base of emphasizing flavour. Using salt from our native land is crucial to us in truly representing the flavour of Canada."



"We are fortunate to partner with a local Salt Maker to supply us with the finest quality nigari. It aligns perfectly with our mission of using the highest quality locally sourced ingredients."


Roxy's chocolate

"We add a sprinkling of sea salt to some of our chocolate bars to both enhance chocolate flavour and give a special energy to the bar. Vancouver Island Fine Sea Salt works beautifully for our creations, not only for delicious taste, but also for texture."