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Discover Canadian Sea Salt

You want the very best the Canadian Pacific has to offer? Here are chef-approved, award-winning all-natural Vancouver Island Sea Salt products for you to finish, cook, ferment and bake with. Taste the Canadian Pacific in every crystal!

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Barrel Smoked Whisky Salt (75g Jar)Barrel Smoked Whisky Salt (75g Jar)
Fine Sea Salt (300g bag)Fine Sea Salt (300g bag)
Fine Sea Salt (300g bag) Sale price$8.95 CAD
Flake Sea Salt (250g)Flake Sea Salt (250g)
Flake Sea Salt (250g) Sale price$10.95 CAD
Flake Sea Salt (75g Jar)Flake Sea Salt (75g Jar)
Flake Sea Salt (75g Jar) Sale price$8.95 CAD
Kelp Sea Salt Flakes (75g jar)Kelp Sea Salt Flakes (75g jar)
Kelp Sea Salt Flakes (75g jar) Sale price$10.95 CAD
Maple Smoked Sea Salt Flakes (75g jar)Maple Smoked Sea Salt Flakes (75g jar)
Caplansky's Deli Mustard SaltCaplansky's Deli Mustard Salt
Caplansky's Deli Mustard Salt Sale price$12.95 CAD