How do I get my hands on your hand-harvested, all-natural sea salt?

Why, thank you! Here’s how you can purchase our all-natural sea salts:

In person: Go to our STORE LOCATOR and type up your address or starting location. The map will display the closest retailers to the address you provided from 0.25 miles up to within 500 miles. We suggest you contact the shop prior to your shopping to make sure they carry stock of your sea salt flavour choices.

Online on our Salt Shop: We offer all of our products plus hand-picked bundles and other exclusive goodies. We have flat rate shipping within Canada (C$15) and the US (C$20). Not in North America? Send an email to .

How does the Salt Shop work?

Orders received during business hours (9 a.m.-6 p.m. Pacific Time) are processed the next day while weekend and holiday orders are processed the next business day.

Typical shipping time within Canada is 3 to 9 business days while US shipping time is 5 to 10 business days.

During peak season (summer and Christmas), we experience high demand and our salt harvesters work overtime to produce more sea salt. Shipping within Canada takes 5 to 10 business days during peak season, while US shipping time takes 7 to 14 business days.

You will receive an email confirmation of your order, and a tracking number will be provided once we ship.

How do I keep track of my order?

Emails will be sent to confirm receipt of your purchase, and to confirm shipment of your order (this will include Canada Post’s tracking number which you can track via the Canada Post website).

Notice we do not have an Account Page. We do not store your personal and credit card information. Exception is your postal and email addresses, which we will use to contact you to send confirmation emails (no spam, promise!). Read more about how we use collected information here.

Where can I find information on your products?

Our SHOP has info on the individual sea salt products available. You can also check our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channel for additional information, user recipes, tips and more.

What about custom orders, bulk or wholesale pricing, and friendly discounts?

Custom, bulk and wholesale orders are handled by our Sales Boss Lady, Emily, who will be happy to work with you to satisfy your Canadian sea salt craving. Contact her at . She’s very nice!

Discounts and other promos happen via our social media channels so follow, like and tag us to get the latest deals, or subscribe to “Salted”.

I’m a US customer. What about import duties?

Glad you asked. Each state has its own duties and tariff laws so we cannot include US taxes in our pricing. You will be responsible for paying any customs and/or duties from your end. Very grown up of you.

What’s the best way to store my sea salt?

Please keep the jars and pouch sealed when not in use. If exposed to the air for a long period, our all-natural salt will attract moisture.

We like to transfer our Flake Sea Salt (that came in the beautiful box) in a salt cellar or salt pig, and only take a small amount to place in pinch bowls when it’s time to serve.

Hey, my salt is a bit moist. Is that normal?

Absolutely! Our sea salt is dried naturally and do not contain any of the chemicals that most salts use to prevent moisture and clumping. Read above on the best way to store your sea salt.

Can I put my Flake Sea Salt in a shaker or grinder?

Shakers, oh no! Most shakers are designed for fine grain iodized salt that contains free-flow agents, they’re not meant to hold larger salt flakes (and remember all-natural sea salt has moisture). Part of the magic of our Flake Sea Salt is its beautiful pyramid-shaped crystals and the light, flaky texture you can easily crumble with your fingers to sprinkle on your food. So, if you have to, use grinders that are especially designed for natural sea salt.

For the table, we recommend using pinch bowls or salt cellars that come with their own spoons.

Where else can I find information on your company?

Our website is updated regularly and has a lot of information about our products, the company and how we harvest Canadian sea salt.

For media and collaboration, please email .

You can also follow @vanislesalt on social media and subscribe to SALTED to receive free recipes, the latest news, and giveaway announcements.

I love your salts! How can I tell the world?

You’re our hero! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube and share your #saltlove. We’ll repost and celebrate you and your awesome pics on social media.

What is your return / refund policy for web orders?

Our number one priority is for you to be delighted with your purchase. If you receive the wrong items or anything is damaged in transit reach out to us immediately at and we will resolve the problem.

How do you keep your sea salt free of pollution?

The purity of our sea salt starts at the source. We draw from the highest grade waters based on Environment Canada standards. We only draw water at high tide. We then filter that water in multiple stages to remove any unwanted impurities. This seawater is then boiled at very high temperatures in what equates to a pasteurization process.

Is your sea salt iodized?

No. There are very small traces of iodine in our salt that are naturally present in the ocean. We do not, however, add iodine or other chemicals as is the case with many industrial produced salts (e.g. table salt).